Welcome to Nirmala College Ranchi , A College with Potential for Excellence (CPE), ACCREDITED BY NAAC WITH GRADE 'A'

Our Rules Regulation

General Rules
1. College Uniform: - Students have to put on the uniform as a rule on everyday. Student will come in Salwar-Suit and not in Tight Jeans and Top.

2. Silence and Discipline: - Students should avoid talking loudly or screeching in the college. They should enter the college building two minutes before the bail rings. They should not stay in the class room during free periods.

3. Free Periods: - Students should utilize their free periods for study in the library. Perfect silence should be observed in the library.

4. Tidiness: - It is the duty of every student to keep the college premises and surroundings tidy and beautiful. There are litter bins provided for paper etc. Flowers must not be plucked.

5. Notice: - Students must make it a habbit to read the notices posted on the notice boards. No notices will be posted on the notice boards by the students without the explicit permission of principal.

6. Visitors: - Students must not receive visitors during college hours. In case of urgency, the Principal's permission is essential.

7. Telephone: - Office telephone is not to be used by students except in case of emergency. Cell Phone - The students will keep their cell phone switched off in the college building and college campus.

8. Hostel premises: - Day scholars are not permitted to go to the hostel.

9. Identity Card: - Every student must always keep her Identity card with her.

10. Letters: - Day-Scholars are not permitted to have their personal letters addressed to the college.

11. Assemblies and Function: - Students must attend assemblies and other college functions.

12. Loss of personal belongings: - Students are advised to be careful about their personal belongings. The college cannot take responsibility of their loss.

13. Change of address: - All changes in address must be intimated to the college office in writting under the signature of parent/guardian.

14. Payment of fees: - All the students will pay their fees on the specified dates of the month. The dates for payment of fees for each class will be notified on the notice board. A late fee of Rs. 300/- per month will be charged after the due date. A student will be struck off the rolls if she fails to pay tuition fees for two months without reasonable explanation.

15. Withdrawl: - A student who wishes to leave the college must submit an application to the Principal, her application counter-signed by parent/guardian Full Fees will be charged and the college leaving certificate will be issued on payment of total amount.

16. Destruction of property: - Any student who is responsible for the defacement for the property of the college must pay for its replacement or repair and will be subject to disciplinary action.

17. Removal: - The Principal has the power to strike off the name of any student who is not amendable to college discipline or who is grossly irregular in attendance.
Examination Regulations
1. There will be atleast two internal examinations and students are bound to take both.

2. Examinees will abide by the rules posted on the notice board at the time of examinations. Violation of any one or part of these regulations will be strictly dealt with.

3. Failure to complete the assigned laboratory reports or practical records in her respective subjects renders the students ineligible for the final examination.

4. Promotion from a class to a higher class or section to the University examination will be determined on the basis of the total marks obtained in the terminal examinations.

5. Report of each student's performance will be sent to her parent or guardian if student or her parent or guardian deposits at the college office, a stamped envelop, with the parent's or guardian's address on it.

6. Absence from any College examination should be reported to the Vice Principal/Principal with an application for leave counter signed by parent/guardian before the college examination is held.
Every student is expected to attend at least 80 percent of the number of periods assigned for each subject for acquiring proficiency in a subject.

By regulation of Ranchi University a minimum of two thirds of lectures delivered and three–fourths of tutorials and practical held is required for admission to any University Examination.

A Student who has not been permitted to appear at an Examination because of shortage of attendance, will be required to repeat the same class.
Absence And Leave
Student must be present in the college from the first day of each term. Resident students must come a day earlier to the hostel. If any remains absent for two months continuously without any information, her name is struck off the rolls. To continue she will have to take the Re-Admission. Student must apply for leave in writting to the Vice Principal. All leave applications must state the roll number, class and subjects taken and should be countersigned by parent/guardian/hostel warden. In case of prolonged illness the application must be supported by a medical certificate.
Ragging Measures
1. Anti Ragging Squads: - Two senior Teachers are the members of the ‘Anti Ragging Squads'. They will raid in the college campus, college and hostel to check the ragging in the month of July and August. They will also take action against ragging

2. Anti Ragging Committee: - Three teachers are member of the ‘Anti Ragging Committee'. The Committee will take turn to check the ragging in the college campus, college hostel and the college. Telephone Numbers of the authority and the members of the committee will be made available to the fresher's.
Action Against Ragging
1. Ragging is strictly prohibited.

2. The students caught in ragging will be suspended from all the classes for one month.

3. The students caught in serious ragging will be dismissed from the college.